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Grandmaster Tournament in memoriam Hans Suri


FIDE-Category 19 (Average Elo : 2717)
Elo rating and rankings applicable on July, 2014



Born: 21.10.1990 in Nogent-sur-Marne
Elo: 2766
World Ranking: 10
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: Winner in 2009, Co-winner in 2010 (3rd according to the tie-break), 3rd in 2011

Grandmaster at age of 14, Maxime became Junior World Championship in 2009. Winner of the Biel Festival the same year, he completes his record with three titles at the French Championship (2007, 2011 and 2012). Very comfortable in variation calculations, he excels in Blitz (ultra-rapid time rate) and wins the European Blitz Championship in 2010 and 2012. Winner of the Festival in 2013 for the second time, he reaches his best ranking (2762) in June 2014.



Born: 28.06.1994 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Elo: 2750
World Ranking: 14
World Junior Ranking: 1
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: 3rd in 2012, 8th in 2010

Currently best junior in the world, Anish is one of the youngest players to obtain the Grandmaster title at the age 14 and half in 2009. Only six months later he won the Dutch National Championship, conquered the title again in 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, he became the winner of the famous Reggio Emilia Tournament in 2012. The young super-talent, who has represented the Netherlands from young on and has great flair in languages, has the best yet to show.



Born: 13.01.1987 in Elblag
Elo: 2733
World Ranking: 22
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: 1st participation in 2014

Acquainted to chess at the age of four, Wojtaszek became World Champion U18 and among juniors at the age of 17. Only a year later he became Champion of Poland and obtained the Grandmaster title. Since 2005, he has been continuously represented his country at all Olympiads and European Team Championships. European Champion in Rapid since 2008, Wojtaszek is not unknown in Swiss, as he recently has won both Zurich and Basel Opens.



Born: 10.05.1986 in Vinjanam Padu (state of Andhra Pradesh)
Elo: 2726
World Ranking: 27
National Ranking: 2
Biel/Bienne GMT: 1st participation in 2014

The youngest Indian player to become Grandmaster at the age of 15, he has represented his country at six Olympiads since 2000. World Champion among juniors in 2004 and in Chess960 (Fischer Random) in 2006, he won the Asian Championship in 2011. A few months later, the first place in the group B of the famous Tata Steel Tournament assures his qualification to the prestigious group A in Wijk aan Zee. In 2013, he won the Master Tournament in Biel. Apart from chess, Harikrishna studies political and social sciences and works at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Since 2010.



Born: 17.06.1979 in Yekaterinburg
Elo: 2698
World Ranking: 48
National Ranking: 12
Biel/Bienne GMT: 9th in 2007

Torn between two passions, football and chess, he decided to concentrate on the second and soon won the Russian U16 and U18 Championships. In 2001, he surprised the chess world with his unexpected victory at the Russian Championship. Winner of multiple tournament, such as Corsica Masters in 2003, Tata Steel Group B (with Magnus Carlsen) in 2006 and Karpov Tournament in 2009, he becomes European Champion in 2014. In addition, he has seconded of Peter Svidler, Vladimir Kramnik and Sergey Karjakin.



Born: 27.02.1994 in Xinghua (province Jiangzu)
Elo: 2629
Title: current World Champion
Women World Ranking: 2
Women National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: 1st participation in 2014

The young Chinese player holds numerous records. At the age of 13, she became China's youngest National Champion and only three years later youngest Woman World Champion. She obtained the Woman Grandmaster title in 2007, and the Men title a year later. The current World Champion (she lost the title in 2012 but regained it the following year) is now seeded second behind Judit Polgar in the world ranking list.


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