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Grandmaster Tournament


FIDE-Category 19 (Average Elo : 2717)
Elo rating and rankings applicable on July, 2014



Born: 17.11.1973 in Truro
Elo: 2740
World Ranking: 17
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: 6th in 1991 ; 2nd equal at the 1993 Interzonal tournament (qualification for the World Championship)

Former child prodigy, Adams becomes British champion and grandmaster in 1989. Long-time member of the world’s top 10 since the end of the 90s, Adams occupies the 4th rank on several occasions in from 2000 on. He reaches the final of the FIDE World Championship in 2004. Among his numerous achievements, his greatest tournament success is certainly his victory in Dortmund in 2013, which enabled him to reach his rating peak of 2761.



Born: 13.01.1987 in Elblag
Elo: 2733
World Ranking: 24
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: 2nd in 2014

Acquainted to chess at the age of four, Wojtaszek becomes World Champion U18 and among juniors at the age of 17. Only a year later he wins the Champion of Poland and obtains the Grandmaster title. Since 2005, he has been continuously representing his country at all Olympiads and European Team Championships. European Champion in Rapid since 2008, Wojtaszek is not unknown in Switzerland, after his consecutive wins in the traditional opens of Zurich (2013) and Basel (2014), and later his second place at the last edition of the Festival. In 2015 he wins against the World Champion Magnus Carlsen and world's number 2 Fabiano Caruana at the Wijk aan Zee tournament.



Born: 21.10.1990 in Nogent-sur-Marne
Elo: 2731
World Ranking: 26
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: Winner in 2009, 2013 and 2014, Co-winner in 2010 (3rd according to the tie-break), 3rd in 2011

Grandmaster at age of 14, Maxime becomes Junior World Championship in 2009. Winner of the Biel Festival the same year, he completes his record with three titles at the French Championship (2007, 2011 and 2012). Very comfortable in variation calculations, he excels in Blitz (ultra-rapid time rate) and wins the European Blitz Championship in 2010 and 2012. Winner of the Festival in 2014 for the third time, he reaches his all-time best ranking (2775) in February 2015.


Czech Rep.

Born: 27.03.1985 in Praque
Elo: 2724
World Ranking: 28
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: First participation

Discovered as a great talent of the Czech chess community, Navara becomes a grandmaster at the age of 17. He has always stood out as a team player, especially when representing his country. Navara’s greatest individual success certainly remains his silver medal at the European individual championship in 2015. A graduate with a Master's degree in logics at the Charles University in Prague, fluent in many languages, David Navara is considered as one of the nicest and most educated professional players.



Born: 10.05.1983 in Kharkov
Elo: 2723
World Ranking: 31
National Ranking: 2
Biel/Bienne GMT: First participation

Representative of the exceptional Ukrainian chess school, Eljanov contributes to winning the Olympiads twice with his national team (2004 and 2010). After his victories at the FIDE Grand Prix in Astrakhan and at the Copenhagen Open in 2010, he reaches his best rating ever (2761) and occupies the 6th place in the World ranking. Pavel Eljanov has also been the second of Boris Gelfand for several years, for instance during the World Championship final 2012.



Born: 25.03.1996 in Szombathely
Elo: 2671
World Ranking: 69
National Ranking: 4
Biel/Bienne GMT: 6th in 2013

Youngest Hungarian grandmaster of all times at the age of 14, Rapport earns the silver medal at the Junior World Championship in 2012. Winner of the strong tournaments in Wijk aan Zee (B) and Malmo in 2013, he later wins the European rapid championship in Warsaw at the end of that same year. Known for his unusual style and his original openings, Richard Rapport should not be far off breaking through to the world top.


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