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Grandmaster Tournament in memoriam Olivier Breisacher


FIDE-Category 19 (Average Elo : 2709)
Elo rating and rankings applicable on July, 2013



Born: 21.10.1990 in Nogent-sur-Marne
Elo: 2719
World Ranking: 26
National Ranking: 1
Biel/Bienne GMT: Winner in 2009, Co-winner in 2010 (3d according to the tie-break), 3d in 2011

Grandmaster since the age of 14, he became World Junior Champion in 2009. After his astonishing win of the Festival that same year (in front of Morozevich and Ivanchuk), he completed his winner's list with three Champion titles in France (2007, 2011, and 2012 tied with Etienne Bacrot and two other players). At ease in the calculation of variations, he excels in blitz (games with a speedy time control) and won the European Championship in this same discipline in 2010 and 2012.



Born: 14.07.1990 in Brjansk
Elo: 2717
World Ranking: 27
National Ranking: 8
Biel/Bienne GMT: first-time participation in 2013

Often compared to Alexander Morozevich for the originality of his style, he is one of the great talents of the younger generation of Russia. After participating in the Open of Biel in 2007, he will try his luck for the first time in the Grandmaster tournament. Winner of the Aeroflot Open in 2008, he obtained his finest titles in 2010, winning the European Championship in Rijeka and the Russian Championship.



Born: 22.01.1983 in Lille
Elo: 2714
World Ranking: 29
National Ranking: 2
Biel/Bienne GMT: 2nd in 2003, 4th in 2008, 5th in 2004, 2012

The multiple champion of France is a regular guest in the city of Biel. He came first in 1995, and has often attended the flagship tournament of the Festival since then. Player of a universal and conventional style, he has won manifold large tournaments, including the Aeroflot Open in Moscow (2009) and Poikovsky (2011) among the most recent ones.



Born: 24.10.1992 in Wenzhou (Province of Zhejiang)
Elo: 2714
World Ranking: 30
National Ranking: 2
Biel/Bienne GMT: first-time participation in 2013

Introduced to chess at the early age of 4, he became  Vice- World Champion in the U-10 and U-12 categories. In 2009, the 16-year-old, back then untitled, surprisingly won the Chinese Championship, finishing in front of Wang Hao, the winner of the last-year Grandmaster Tournament in Biel. Grandmaster shortly after, the young and rising Chinese repeated that same success over the past two years. China's number 2, he was also a member of the Olympic team of China in 2012.



Born: 17.05.1980 in Seweromorsk
Elo: 2699
World Ranking: 47
National Ranking: 6 
Biel/Bienne GMT: first-time participation in 2013

The trained lawyer was the sole winner of the World Open in Philadelphia in 2008 and the Aeroflot Open in Moscow in 2009. However, he celebrated his greatest success this year in Legnica (Poland), when he became European Champion based on the best tie-break. He has played for the Ukrainian team at several occasions and has contributed to the win of two Olympiads in 2004 and 2010.



Born: 25.03.1996 in Szombathely
Elo: 2693
World Ranking: 54 
Juniors U-18: 1
National Ranking: 4
Biel/Bienne GMT: first-time participation in 2013

At only 14 he became the youngest Hungarian grandmaster in history. The extraordinarily talented young man is steadily increasing his Elo rating and is already world's No. 1 in the U-18 category. In 2012, he became Vice Junior World Champion, separated only by the second tie-break from the Champion Alexander Ipatov. This spring, he won the Neckar Open in front of Etienne Bacrot, as well as the strong tournament Sigeman & Co in Malmo. Thanks to invitations to such strong grandmaster tournaments like Biel, he hopes to make further progress.


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