Main Tournament Allgemeines Turnier Tournoi général
Main Tournament

Main Tournament

July 24th - August 2nd 2017; 2 p.m. (August 2nd: 11 a.m.). Rest day on July 29th.

9 round Swiss system.

Time control: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.
Prizes: CHF 1'200, 1'000, 800, 600, 500, 2x400, 3x300, 5x200, 5x100. Best women players, best seniors (1957-), best juniors (1997+): each CHF 200, 100, best children (2001+): CHF 150, 50. Best players with Elo <1800 and <1700: CHF 400, 300, 200, 2x100. Total prize fund: CHF 10'600.

Admission: players with FIDE rating (list May, June or July 2017) or players with national rating ELO 2050 and below (e.g. Swiss ELO list 2/2017 or 3/2017), independent of their FIDE rating.

Participants without international or national rating must show proof of playing strength. Foreign players without national rating are not qualified to get prizes. In all special cases, the tournament organiser will have the final decision.

Entries will be accepted on July 24th 2017 until 12.00 p.m. latest at the Festival office (reception).

The final standings will be created according to point number, Buchholz and progressive score. The worst score in each case will be deleted. Prices will be shared upon the final ranking (and not the “Hort System”).

Main Conditions

  • Entries will not be specially acknowledged. The entry fee has to be paid in the Festival office at least two hours before the start of the tournament.
  • The inscription is only valid after paying the entry fee.
  • GM, IM and players who have already paid their entry fee must confirm their participation at the Festival office at least one hour before the beginning of the first round. If not, the player will not be paired.
  • The tournaments MTO and ATO will qualify for Swiss and FIDE ratings (where applicable).
  • Players who provide false information on their entry form (especially concerning ratings) risk to be excluded from the tournament.
  • The FIDE Elo rating lists May, June and July 2017 as well as the Swiss Elo lists 2/2017 and 3/2017 are valid for the admission to the tournaments. For the category prizes, FIDE rating has priority.
  • Prizes are valid for more than 100 participants per tournament (MTO, ATO, RAP, BTO).
  • The special prizes (best women players, seniors, juniors, child and best Swiss) in the tournaments MTO, ATO, RAP, BTO and Chess960 are only for players scoring 50% or more. The restriction is not valid for special Elo prizes.
  • Late arrivals of max 30 minutes are allowed. If a player is more than 30 minutes late, his game will be considered lost by forfeit.
  • Players are responsible for submitting their scoresheets by themselves after their game; otherwise, the game will be evaluated as 0:0!
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within public buildings in the canton of Bern.
  • Players are allowed access to the following zones during their games: tournament hall, WC on the first and second floors, entrance hall (bar and office). Smoking area is at the entrance of the Congress.
  • The use of mobile phones and computers in the tournament hall is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of a disagreement, arbiters’ decisions should be contested without delay orally by the main arbiter. The decision of the main arbiter is final.

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