Protection Concept

Protection Concept ISF Biel/Bienne

[Version 17 July 2021]


This Protection Concept, valid for the entire duration of the Festival, contains the guidelines to which all persons involved in any way with the International Chess Festival Biel/Bienne 2021 must adhere. Persons who do not comply with it may be sanctioned by the organisers – up to and including exclusion from the tournament and expulsion from the tournament site.

The OC of the ISF Biel/Bienne is responsible as a whole for the measures listed in the protection concept. For efficient implementation, Paul Kohler (deputy Peter Bohnenblust) will be defined as the responsible person for COVID-19 during the tournament, who will take all necessary measures to ensure that the requirements contained in this protection plan are met.

The OC of the ISF Biel/Bienne will make every effort to protect the health of all participants and those involved. However, all participants must be aware that there is a residual risk of infection and must therefore decide on their own responsibility whether they wish to take this risk.

The OC of the ISF Biel/Bienne and the Swiss Chess Federation decline all responsibility for any infection with COVID-19 or one of its variants.

Initial situation / basic principles

In accordance with the instructions of the authorities, the ban on gathering in public areas due to the COVID-19 epidemic will be further relaxed with consistent implementation of the distance and hygiene rules and with the traceability of close contacts (contact tracing).

This protection concept is based on the FOPH guidelines listed below and the latest information from the federal and cantonal authorities in Berne:


The OC of the ISF Biel/Bienne pursues the following goals with this protection concept:

  • The overall aim of all measures is to protect participants, the OC team and the facility management team from infection by the coronavirus.

  • Despite COVID19, the tradition of the ISF Biel/Bienne is to be continued and an attractive chess event is to be offered to the various chess-playing stakeholder groups – top players, amateur players and young people.

General requirements

Our medical partner Hirslanden Klinik Linde will advise the OC on health and corona issues.

The following general rules apply to everyone involved – participants, OC team, facility management team and spectators:

  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres whenever possible.

  • Hygiene rules: Regular handwashing and disinfection.

Persons with COVID-19 symptoms should not enter the tournament area or leave it again immediately. In addition, they must report the result of further investigations to the OC of the ISF Biel/Bienne.

The organiser will

  • install disinfectant stations at all entrances;

  • air the playing halls regularly;

  • ensure that toilets and waste containers are cleaned regularly;

  • ensure that no unnamed persons enter the Congress Centre so that the limit of 250 persons (per playing area) is never exceeded.


Normal face-to-face chess is permitted with the following adjustments:

For tournaments with participants older than 16 years

The wearing of a mask is compulsory throughout the building. However, once seated at their chessboard, players may remove their masks if they wish. The total number of participants in the Opens without age limit U16 is limited to ensure that the total number of people in the building, or per playing area, never exceeds 250 and that the capacity of the playing area is not more than 2/3 full. For the same reasons, only duly accredited persons with a badge will be allowed to enter the Congress House.

Juniors and players with an impairment participating in the MTO or ATO are entitled to one accompanying person, who must apply for a badge by sending an email to with their first and last name, address, telephone number and the name of the player they are accompanying; this badge has to becollected at the Chess Festival reception office.

For tournaments with the age limit U16

The wearing of masks is compulsory for adults only (escorts and staff). The junior tournaments will take place in a second playing area (club hall), which has a separate entrance (on the right side of the building). Only duly accredited persons with a badge may enter the playing area. The badge does not authorise access to the other areas of the Congress House.

Parents and other persons accompanying players can collect their badge at the Chess Festival reception office after having sent an email to indicating their surname, first name, address, telephone number and the name of the player they are accompanying.

Spectators, journalists, press photographers, guests

In order to ensure that the limit of 250 people present at the same time in the Congress House (excluding the segregated area of the club hall) is not exceeded, only persons with badges will be allowed to enter. Therefore, the principle applies that spectators are not allowed to enter the festival area. Journalists, press photographers and guests can apply for accreditation by sending their name, address, telephone number and the duration of their presence in advance to They will then collect their badge at the Chess Festival reception office.

Declaration of consent

By signing the Protection Policy, each person undertakes to:

  • strictly apply the requirements contained therein;

  • wear the personal badge visibly and

  • respect the specific areas to which this badge grants access;

  • leave the Congress Centre as soon as possible after the game and, in particular, not to analyse the game onsite;

  • leave their seat as few as possible during the game and to wear their mask at all times when standing up.

You acknowledge that you have been informed that:

  • The data collected will only be handed over to federal or cantonal authorities at their request.

  • The organiser will destroy the collected tracking data 14 days after the end of the festival, i.e. on 19 August 2021.

For this purpose, each participant will receive a personal badge, which must be worn visibly in the Congress House.

Biel 17th July 2021

The responsible person for Covid 19: Paul Kohler