GM Sam Shankland

USA, 27

Elo std: 2713
Rapid: 2593
Blitz: 2660
Date and place of birth: 01.10.1991 in Berkeley, California
World ranking: 31

Sam Shankland became the champion of the US in 2018 before other top US-players like Caruana, Nakamura and Wesley So.


GM Santosh Vidit

India, 24

Elo std: 2703
Rapid: 2689
Blitz: 2694
Date and place of birth: 24.10.1994 in Nashik
World ranking: 33

Santosh Vidit is the number 3 in India just after Anand and Harikrishna.


GM Jorge Cori

Peru, 23

Elo std: 2686
Rapid: 2608
Blitz: 2558
Date and place of birth: 30.07.1995 in Lima
World ranking: 54

At the last Chess Olympiad, he won the scoring on the 3rd board as well as the best Elo performance of all participants.


GM Peter Leko

Hungary, 39

Elo std: 2674
Rapid: 2671
Blitz: 2743
Date and place of birth: 08.09.1979 in Subotica
World ranking: 72

In Brissago 2004 Vladimir Kramnik barely won against Peter Leko. Peter Leko became the youngest grandmaster of all time in 1994 and will compete with other young competition at the chess festival Biel 2019.


GM Parham Maghsoodloo

Iran, 18

Elo std: 2656
Rapid: 2510
Blitz: 2719
Date and place of birth: 11.08.2000 in Gonbad-e Kavus
World ranking: 76

Parham Maghsoodloo, the reigning U20 World Champion, is the main character of a young Persian team that is about to climb the top of the world's elite.


GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov

Uzbekistan, 14

Elo std: 2598
Rapid: 2400
Blitz: 2550
Date and place of birth: 18.09.2004 in Tashkent
World ranking: 258

Nodirbek Abdusattorov, second youngest player, who was awarded with the GM title just after Sergei Karjakin, is currently the number 2 on the world ranking of U15 players.


GM Sebastian Bogner

Deutschland, 28

Elo std: 2584
Rapid: 2567
Blitz: -
Date and place of birth: 17.01.1991 in Pforzheim
World ranking: 260

Sebastian Bogner is the reigning Swiss champion 2018. After he participated in the 2008 & 2010 Olympics for Germany, he joined the Swiss Federation in 2013 and plays there since then.



GM Nico Georgiadis

Switzerland, 23 

Elo std: 2514
Rapid: 2488
Blitz: 2464
Date and place of birth: 22.01.1996 in Bülach
World ranking: 603

Nico Georgiadis, runner-up of Swiss Championship 2018, has a lot of experience in Biel from the years 2017 and 2018. His winning position in last year's game against Magnus Carlsen is unforgettable.