Brain Battle Chess vs. Poker - Friday 22nd July, 19.30


Chess vs. Poker - Brain Battle

On Friday, July 22, 2022, after the closing ceremony of the international part of the Festival, a special show took place confronting two mind sports.


The challenge starts with a short chess game (20-30 minutes), where a poker player will play against a chess player. This game will be digitally recorded and can be streamed and commented on. Since the chess players are all Grand Masters, the poker players will have more time to think during this phase of the exhibition.
The four winners of the chess game get a poker chip advantage in the No Limit Holdem that follows. 

The tournament is played on a digital tablet and will be broadcast online. 

The tournament winner will be the one with the most chips after 3 hours of play.

Four Grandmasters face off against the best poker stars in Switzerland! Discover a different kind of poker tournament!

Team Chess

GM Noël Studer


  • Youngest ever Swiss Chess Grandmaster
  • Chess Blogger and Coach
  • Over 10 times Swiss Chess Champion
  • Current/highest ELO rating: 2582/2588
  • Plays Poker for the SPSA Swiss National Poker League A, Team Next Level Poker Sports, Biel BE, mainly online No Limit Hold’em multitable tournaments

GM Arkadij Naiditsch


  • Chess Grandmaster
  • 3 times European Chess Champion
  • Chess Coach
  • Current/best ELO Rating: 2664/2737
  • Plays poker for 15 years, mainly cash games online & live

GM Arturs Neikšāns


  • Chess Grandmaster
  • 4 times Latvian Chess Champion
  • Chess Coach
  • Author and Streamer
  • Current/best ELO Rating: 2594/2631
  • Plays poker for 10 years mainly live Texas No Limit Hold’em

GM Raja Harshit

  • Indias 69th Chess Grandmaster
  • World University Blitz Champion 2021
  • Current/best ELO-Rating: 2477/2494
  • Poker: Texas No Limit Hold’em

Team Poker

Sascha Kouba


  • President of Swiss Poker Sports Association SPSA
  • Professional Poker Player 2013-15
  • Specialized in short handed deep stack cash game and heads-up and knows the basic chess rules

Tobias Kügel


  • SPSA Swiss National Poker League A
  • Player for Team Underground Poker, Zürich, ranked 1st Season 2020-22 (Swiss Champion)
  • Specialized in Pot-Limit Omaha
  • Chess: FIDE Master, ELO rating 2297

Tatjana Kraska Horvath


  • SPSA Swiss National League A Player
  • Team Manager of team Next Level Poker Sports Biel BE, ranked 8th in Season 2020-22
  • Specialised in No Limit Hold’em Sit-n-Go mainly online
  • Chess: avid casual player

Gaspare Leone


  • SPSA Swiss National League Player
  • Team Manager of team «Rounders», Regensdorf ZH, ranked 15th in Season 2020-22
  • Specialized in No Limit Hold’em multitable tournaments
  • Chess: avid casual player