14FMErigaisi Arjun IND24996.530.022.5
21GMTregubov Pavel V. RUS25875.033.023.0
33IMFlom Gabriel FRA25155.031.022.0
45GMGallagher Joseph G. SUI24345.030.021.0
52GMKosteniuk Alexandra RUS25524.528.020.0
66GMHort Vlastimil GER24214.526.518.5
79FMGrandadam Patrik SUI22984.525.016.0
87FMGähler Marco SUI23824.030.021.5
914Ghazarian Kirk USA21264.027.520.0
1010IMHuss Andreas SUI22884.027.519.5
1111Angst Robin SUI21694.025.017.5
1216Lucca Kevin SUI20393.525.518.0
138IMEkstroem Roland SUI23813.524.517.0
1415Martig Markus SUI20613.524.017.5
1525Lee Peter SUI03.524.017.0
1613Masse Hugues CAN21493.520.015.0
1719Musaelyan Arshavir SUI19723.020.015.0
1818Portmann Daniel SUI19783.019.514.0
1922Amoros Pierre FRA16473.017.012.0
2012FMZenker Ulrich GER21582.528.020.0
2121Pantillon Patrick André SUI18342.520.515.5
2220Birchmeier Martin SUI19082.018.514.0
2323Keller Beat SUI14592.016.011.5
2417Muheim Markus SUI20081.526.517.5
2526Romer Lukas SUI01.017.512.5
2624Fasnacht Pierre SUI00.017.512.5

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1GMTregubov Pavel V. RUS2587
2GMKosteniuk Alexandra RUS2552
3IMFlom Gabriel FRA2515
4FMErigaisi Arjun IND2499
5GMGallagher Joseph G. SUI2434
6GMHort Vlastimil GER2421
7FMGähler Marco SUI2382
8IMEkstroem Roland SUI2381
9FMGrandadam Patrik SUI2298
10IMHuss Andreas SUI2288
11Angst Robin SUI2169
12FMZenker Ulrich GER2158
13Masse Hugues CAN2149
14Ghazarian Kirk USA2126
15Martig Markus SUI2061
16Lucca Kevin SUI2039
17Muheim Markus SUI2008
18Portmann Daniel SUI1978
19Musaelyan Arshavir SUI1972
20Birchmeier Martin SUI1908
21Pantillon Patrick André SUI1834
22Amoros Pierre FRA1647
23Keller Beat SUI1459
24Fasnacht Pierre SUI0
25Lee Peter SUI0
26Romer Lukas SUI0

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Swiss Rapid Fischer Random Championship (960)

Date / Time July 21, 2018; 1:00 p.m.
Mode of playing 7 rounds Swiss system.
Chess960: The starting position will be drawn before every round.
Time control 15 minutes + 5 seconds per move
Playing schedule 1:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Prizegiving: 7:00 p.m.
Prizes CHF 300, 200, 100. Total prize fund: CHF 600 + prize in kind.
Final standings will be established according to number of points scored, truncated Buchholz and truncated Sum of Buchholz. The worst score in each case will be disregarded. Prizes will be shared upon the final ranking (“Hort System” won’t be used).
Admission Open to every player, rated or unrated.
Inscription CHF 30 (1998+: CHF 20), by bank transfer until July 18, 2018, based on the invoice received by e-mail during the online registration, or on-site before July 21, 12:00 noon.
Miscellaneous The tournament won’t be rated.
Smoking strictly prohibited within the building.
It is forbidden to enter the playing hall with electronic devices.

13:00 Swiss Rapid Fischer Random Championship

Register now and take part in the 51st Biel International Chess Festival!

Special Offer! Room allocations are limited, early booking is recommended!