Swiss Rapid Fischer Random Championship 2023

Swiss Rapid Fischer Random Championship (960)

Main Arbiter
FA Florian Zarri
July 15, 2023
Concert Hall, Biel Congress Center.
Smoking is strictly prohibited within the whole building.
Tournament type
7 rounds, Swiss system.
Chess960: The starting position will be drawn before each round.
Time control
15 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move. 
2 pm – 7 pm
7 pm: Prize-giving
CHF 250, 150, 100.
Cup for the best Swiss player. 
Total prize fund: CHF 500.
Prizes will be allocated according to the final ranking ("Hort System" won’t be applied).
Eligible for the title as best Swiss are Swiss citizens as well as settled foreigners (settlement permit C) with FIDE Federation SUI.
In order to receive their prizes, the top three finishers are required to stand on the podium during the prize-giving.
1. Points scored
2. Buchholz
3. sum of Buchholz
Open to every player, rated or unrated.
The admission of a player is decided solely by the organization. This decision is final.
CHF 20 (born 2007+: CHF 10), by bank transfer until July 12, 2023, based on the invoice received by e-mail during the online registration. After this date, cash payment on site with a surcharge of CHF 20. Deadline: July 15, 11 am.
No surcharge for GM/IM/WGM/WIM.
All participants are required to confirm their presence at the registration desk from 09 am and no later than 12.30 noon on Saturday, July 15, 2023. This will guarantee their inclusion into the pairings list for the 1st round.
Laws of chess
Art. 6.7.1 Any player arriving at the board more than 10 minutes after the start the round will lose by forfeit, except in cases of force majeure.
Art. It is forbidden to enter the playing area with electronic devices.
According to the anti-cheating guidelines of the FIDE, there is a suitable detector available in the tournament hall.
Pairings and results
The start list is based on the July 2023 FIDE standard rating list.
Players have to enter the result at the provided desk. Otherwise the result of the game will be counted as 0-0.
An arbiter's decision may be appealed orally to the main arbiter immediately in case of disagreement. The decision of the main arbiter is final.
Declaration of consent
With your participation you agree that photographic material may be recorded and used.



14:00 Swiss Rapid Fischer Random Championship