Thoughts on Peter Burri

By Peter Bohnenblust, OK President international Chess Festival Biel/Bienne, during the funeral service on 01.04.2022.

With you Peter or better "PeBu" - as we called you - there was a connection for more than 25 years. Together we were committed to chess, could establish many personal contacts and have exciting conversations.

The Biel Chess Festival has already occupied a fixed place in your agenda in your youth years. You were regularly involved as one of the many helpers in various functions.

From the 31st International Chess Festival, in 1998, you have had the main responsibility for the organization and realization of this chess event for 20 years, together with Olivier Breisacher, who has unfortunately passed away, and me. After that you were mainly active behind the scenes.
For me, for all of us, you were THE guarantor for a good success of the festival with your level-headed, foresighted and perfect way of working.

Very much appreciated in you I have:

-   Your special relationship with people - even chess players are often not easy to deal with. So your successor as technical director - Paul Kohler - could often benefit from your experience, your knowledge and your good advice.

I was impressed by:

-   Your technical knowledge, your wide network and your vision: thanks to you, we already operated a website in 1998 to bring the Festival, and Biel, to the world.

-   Your ability to motivate and inspire people to join the Festival as helpers was also a great strength of yours. Among others, you were able to win Stefan Tock for his commitment.

Unfortunately, our planned joint trip to Hamburg to the chess delights of ChessBase remains open.

Your kindness, your openness, your helpfulness, your humor and your cheerfulness, but also your pragmatism and your reliability will always remain in my good memory.

We will miss you very much.
Thank you so much PeBu.

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