Travel by Train

The swiss public transportation is well known as one of the best in the world. Biel / Bienne can be reached comfortably by train from all over the european continent.

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Travel by Car

The city of Biel/Bienne can easily be reached by car. Keep in mind that the parking fees are quite high in the inner-city.


The parking space "Eisplanade" near the Kongresshaus is available. Parking price is CHF 2.20 per hour. In every postoffice or at the police-inspectorate (Zentralstrasse 60, groundfloor) daily tickets are available. Two ticket dispensers (Güterstrasse & Blumenrain) are at disposal. The price is CHF 7.- per card and enables you to park on the parking lot of the blue zone in the municipal area of Biel on the registered day. We want to point out that the parking sector has to be capured on the map. The weekly tickets have been offset. 

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Parking locations in Biel


Map of Biel-Bienne