ISF Beauty Awards


Players from ATO, HTO and MTO can submit their games for the Beauty Award.

  • You can submit your game from that day until 8:00 pm. If your game lasts longer you can still do it, but must inform the arbiter immediately.

  • The game must be submitted at the Arbiter’s desk on a special form and has to be sent in PGN format to

  • The choice will be done later in the evening by vote on social media and at 11:00 pm you will be informed about the result by an e-mail.

  • Both players are invited for an interview at 10 am (ATO), 10:15 am (HTO), 10:30 am (MTO) in the studio in the lobby of the Congress Centre. You have to confirm that you are coming. If you cannot come, you may be interviewed in the afternoon/evening after your next game, if the commentary team will have time.

  • The winner of the Beauty award and his opponent will receive a nice prize.

→ Players must mark/comment what they think is the critical moment in the PGN.