ACCENTUS Chess960 Challengers 2024


IA Laurent Freyd
Saturday, July 13, 2024
Main stage of the Concert Hall, Biel Congress Center.
Tournament type
Round robin (5 rounds) + 2 rounds.
Chess960: The starting position will be drawn before each round.
Time control
15 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move.
 2 pm – 7.30 pm.
Out of respect for the opponent, the photographers and the sponsors, the players are expected to appear in time before the game start.
The final ranking of this tournament is used as a tie break in case of equality of points in the Grandmaster Triathlons.
The following tie break will be used to establish the final standings:
1. Direct encounter
2. Number of wins with Black
3. Number of wins
4. Age (from younger to older)
Laws of chess
Any player arriving at the board more than.5 minutes after the start of the round round will lose by forfeit, except in cases of force majeure.
Players aren't allowed to carry or use any electronic devices during their games.
They are advised to enter the playing hall without such devices or otherwise to deposit these at the arbiter's desk.
According to the anti-cheating guidelines of the FIDE, there is a suitable detector available in the tournament hall.
Declaration of consent
With your participation you agree that photographic material may be recorded and used.


  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 1.pgn (15 KB)
  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 2.pgn (15 KB)
  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 3.pgn (16 KB)
  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 4.pgn (17 KB)
  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 5.pgn (17 KB)
  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 6.pgn (20 KB)
  • Accentus-Chess960 Round 7.pgn (9 KB)