Physicians Tournament Spitalzentrum Biel

Physicians Tournament Spitalzentrum (DTO)

Main Arbiter
FA Florian Zarri
July 13, 2024
Concert Hall, Biel Congress Center.
Smoking is strictly prohibited within the whole building.
Tournament type
7 rounds, Swiss system.
Time control
15 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move. 
2 pm
Prize-giving: 15' after the end of last game.
Prize in kind for all participants with 4½ points or more.
1. Points scored
2. Buchholz
3. Sum of Buchholz
For physicians and health professionals only.
The admission of a player is decided solely by the organization. This decision is final.
CHF 50 or € 50 by bank transfer until July 10, 2024, based on the invoice received by e-mail during the online registration. After this date, cash payment on site, deadline: July 13, 1:30 pm.
Participants without FIDE-ID use the code 1234567 in the registration form.
All participants with "paid" status on the website should confirm their presence at the registration desk until 1:45 pm at the latest on July 13. Players who don't confirm their participation on time will not be paired in the 1st round.
Laws of chess
Any player arriving at the board more than 15 minutes after the start the round will lose by forfeit, unless the arbiter decides otherwise (case of force majeure).
It is forbidden to enter the playing area with any electronic device such as a mobile phone or a smart watch.
Strict fair play measures will be in place at the tournament, in accordance with the FIDE rules. All players must comply with these measures.
Pairings and results
The starting list is based on the July 2024 FIDE rapid rating list, when this is not available on the July 2024 FIDE standard rating list. If only national rating are available, the rapid rating will be considered first, then the standard. Players without such a rating will be alphabetically classified at the bottom of the starting list .
Players have to enter the result at the arbiter's desk. Otherwise the result of the game will be counted as 0-0.
Declaration of consent
With your participation you give permission for the usage of photos/videos - in which you appear - in any publication.



14:00 Physicians-Tournament Spitalzentrum